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Hand Painted Glitter Earrings in Blue on Wood


A unique set of hand painted earrings with a vivid blue background and glittering gold filling the drop from the bottom upwards.

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The Earrings

A set of hand painted glitter earrings, with a vivid dark blue background. Gold glitter fills the bottom of these drops gradually fading up to reveal the vibrant blue beneath.

The earrings are on tear drop shaped wood, each side sliding up into elegant points finished off with silver coloured hooks. The lightweight wood means they won’t weigh your ears down allowing you to wear them all day long barely noticing them (until of course everyone comments on them!!)

A unique piece of wearable art.

Size: approx 73mm long

For another natural calm set why not check out this number featuring a beautiful beach…Or perhaps you’re looking for a slightly different hand painted glitter earrings set as a statement – why not check out these pearly blue sparklers?

Please Note

Please note: the colours may vary slightly from what you see on the screen. I have tried to capture the colours as closely as possible. The earrings are painted by hand and will therefore be unique with their own individual characteristics. The ones you see in the photo are the ones that you will receive!

If you love them but would like something tweaked such as the colours used or shape of the earrings, just send me a message and I can design you a unique pair…Send me a message at


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