One thing I love to draw and paint is portraits. Each one is so unique and I love to capture the wonderful expressions and personalities of those I’m drawing. I can accommodate individuals, couples, family portraits and beloved pets as well. Favourite sporting heroes and celebrities are all welcome too!


their likeness


Here is a glimpse of some portraits for you. There’s a mix of digital portraits, watercolour and pen portraits and acrylic paintings.

I love to draw and paint alike, be it realistic or turning photos into cartoons and caricatures. Below you’ll see a range of styles and mediums, black and white as well as colour portraits. Take a look at the bottom of this page for details on how to commission me to make a personalised portrait for you.


Are you looking for a unique, personalised gift for someone? How about a portrait?

Are you looking for the perfect new baby gift, couples gift or birthday present for friends and family?

I can create for you that extra special something they will forever treasure and proudly hang on their wall for all to admire – drawing smiles every time it captures someone’s eye. From baby portraits and couple portraits to mother’s day or father’s day gifts and full on family portraits, together we can create exactly what you are looking for.

Original portraits

Every portrait is carefully digitally painted from scratch. It will be created organically – no computer filters used – all painted physically with paint or pencil, pen and paper OR digitally on my computer with my graphics tablet – by my fair hand.

If you purchase a digital file I will email the final portrait to you for you to download and print yourself. If you buy a print, I will send it to you in the post as soon as it is ready.

Whether you prefer acrylic or watercolour paintings, a simple line drawing or a digital painting I can work to your preferences. Please have a look to see the sorts of portraits I have created already for some inspiration and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

You can either email me via my contact page or order a portrait via my online shop.