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Connecting with your audience

Here are a few graphic design projects I have worked on. Connecting with your target audiences is forefront for each project. When we take the time to pinpoint who we are aiming to reach the designs become even more engaging and succinct. This helps to engage those who are seeing the designs and material, making it memorable and worth going the extra mile.

Design elements

Important elements that I discuss with my clients when embarking on graphic design projects include:

  • Colour scheme: this incorporates your brand colours as well as choosing colours that invoke specific emotions to reinforce your message
  • Fonts: we ensure we adhere to your brand guidelines ,ensuring consistency and adding another footprint in the right direction. Our typeface choices have the power to add an extra pazazz which attract and keep our customers’ attention. On the contrary, they can all too easily fade into designs and end up not being read.
  • Imagery: pictures really can speak louder than words. Often less is more and the images that we use in designs can communicate many things. They can do this without overloading your designs with words.
  • Layout: we discuss the priorities and aims of the design. This is so that the viewer is clear from the get go what the message is that we are communicating. If you have everything big, bold and vying for attention, you can lose the impact and attention of the viewer. Clear and concise wins the race!

Graphic Design Project Portfolio

Leaflet flyer design for Taylor & Grey

Taylor & Grey

Interior design branding

Inspired by Design

A collaborative project creating branding and marketing for an Interior Design company.

From concept to print ready material we have worked with Taylor & Grey to produce a sophisticated brand aiming to create stylish and functional spaces that are a pleasure to live and work in.

From logo to business stationery to website

This was a really enjoyable project starting with the logo and building the identity of the company through to designing a full pack of business stationery and marketing packages. I also crafted and created branding guidelines and supported the design of Taylor & Grey’s website.

ANPC leaflets

ANPC Healthcare & Travel Clinic

Medical branding & graphic design

Making healthcare accessible

Working in the medical sector, it has been my pleasure to create an array of designs for ANPC Healthcare. We are in the process of re-branding the company and creating many different stationery and advertising designs as well.

Rebranding, online and print designs

I have been working with ANPC Healthcare to rebrand their company’s identity creating a new, premium brand identity which conveys their key values and aims.

From leaflets to posters, business stationery, corporate Christmas cards, adverts and banners to a brand new website this is a graphic design project with many facets.

Your graphic design project

Whatever your design project, I will work with you to ensure the end result is eye catching, informative and engaging. If you need to develop your brand we can do that as well, which is the springboard for everything else you do to build your business. There is nothing like a well rewarded investment as developing your brand.

If you have a graphic design project you would like to discuss, send me a message – I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with your design requirements and we can start the conversation. I work on corporate and individual projects and am open for commissions.