brand names

Logomarks aka brandmarks

Logomarks or brandmarks are symbols, shapes and images that brands use to represent their company in a visual form. They might be abstract or represent elements. Logos are often one of the first interactions people may have visually with your company.

What’s the difference between logos and branding?

Logos can often be confused with the term “brand”. However, the brand is much more than a Logo Design; it is how your company is portrayed and viewed including the concepts, ideas, values and emotions that your company wants to communicate with people. This is through images, texts, words, content, user experience, etc. To read more about branding take a look at my branding portfolio.

Logo examples

Here are some logos I have created for a broad range of clients. To see more of my work check out my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Commission a logo design

Whether you have a logo you would like refreshing or modernising or need a brand new logo, I can help! I will work with you to create a logo which you feel represents your company well and communicates the core important elements that it needs to.

You can choose from a logo design or developing your brand all round. Have a look here at my branding work if you need to take a more in depth dive into your own branding journey.