Designing attractive and user friendly websites

With a multitude of websites on the world wide web, we need to find ways to actually stand out and reach our potential customers. Connection with our current and future customers can start the moment they visit your website. So, having an attractive design that is easy to navigate is imperative.

Key words and main aims

I work with my clients to decipher the main aims of their websites. From there we work together to build designs that help their clients journey through their website. We look at user experience (UX) and test the site to ensure it is information, helpful and satisfying to use.

Having a presence online is becoming more and more crucial for businesses and more and more sought after for bloggers, communities and the like. Be anywhere, anytime.

Whether you want to sell something, advertise your works of art or grow a community that can meet even when physical restrictions come your way the internet is a wonderful place that can help.


Here’s a selection of websites I have created for a variety of people and businesses which have helped them connect with customers and communities providing an even better service. I love creating sites that reflect the personalities of the businesses and individuals including features that make them unique. I have experience with blog sites and e-commerce sites as well as sites show-casing work and talents. If you are relatively local, I can also offer a product photography service.

The Website Creation Process

1/ Questionnaire

You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill in about your company and website-to-be. This will help us start on the same page, clarifying your website vision and aims. You’ll get the chance to say what you’d like and what you would like to avoid.

2/ A Chat

We’ll have a chat to introduce ourselves to each other and discuss the already filled-in questionnaire, clarifying any details. You’ll have the chance to share your vision for your website, goals and hopes and expectations and ask questions.

3/ The Wireframe

I’ll create the main structure of your site and the layout of its key pages. Think of this as your site’s skeleton – an outline rather than full of imagery. At this stage, you’ll be able to offer adjustments or suggestions for improvements.

4/ Site Mock-Up

The part you’ll have been waiting for…I’ll create a website mock-up for you with a model for the main pages. You’ll see your brand shining throughout* (colours, fonts, style…) While it won’t be fully working just yet, you’ll get the jist!

5/ Review & Feedback

Time to take your time. Your team will review your new website design in detail and provide constructive feedback. It’s important to take your time over this! This can be done more than once to ensure the design is as you would like it to be.

6/ The Actual Build

Once you have approved your brand new design, I will start creating your real live website. We can arrange progress updates to catch any errors or changes needed early on. The more accurate your content is, the quicker this process will be!

7/ Review & Approval

Prepare for your first website viewing! Once your site is ready, I’ll send you a link to scrupulously check content, navigation, functionality and appearance. Once I’ve made your final tweaks, you’ll review the website once more.

8/ The Website Launch

Et voilà! It’s time to crack out that bubbly as you launch your new website into the world! I’ll make your new website live and searchable on the web. Your site will start receiving and welcoming your first visitors; brace yourselves!

Your website

If you would love a unique custom website you have come to the right place. I will create for you a user friendly, responsive website whether you are looking for a photo led site design or one characterised with bespoke illustrations.

Get in touch with your requirements and we can start the conversation. I work on corporate and individual projects and am open for commissions.

Just send me a message. Happy browsing!

Business Cards
Are you looking for someone to help you create a strong unique visual identity for your company or business?

I can help! From bespoke logo design and how and when to use it to articulating your company’s personality and tone of voice I can work with you to put together a brand identity you will be proud of.

Send me message to start your branding journey…