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Giraffe Watercolour Painting


A striking watercolour painting of a giraffe standing in tall grasses.

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The giraffe watercolour painting

A watercolour painting of a giraffe capturing your gaze.

This young curious giraffe painted in vibrant yellows and oranges, gazes out of its surroundings seemingly curious as to what is beyond the horizon. The subtle grasses beneath its feet give a dash of colour which invites the young giraffe forward whilst also grounding it as it finds its feet.

This strong sun shining on this African gentle giant brings a warm glow to its already beautiful harmonious colours patch worked together from head to toe. The contrasting off-white background brings all eyes to take in the incredible animal itself, lingering on its gaze as it gazes back at you.

This piece of artwork would look fabulous in a white frame or a more natural wooden frame to complement the oranges and browns in the painting. An easy size to frame to suit your taste and décor. Or Why not try out a simply patterned wooden frame carved with different markings adding another African touch?

Painting details

The watercolour is hand painted on a beautifully thick watercolour paper, giving it a lovely texture and depth to the painting.

Size: A4

Original and prints available.

Fancy a set of paintings?

Are you looking for a set of original paintings? Have a look at my other safari animal watercolour paintings to create your own family of magnificent animals starting with this baby elephant ambling its way towards you.

Commission me

If you would like to commission me to paint you a different original piece, please send me a message via the contact page with what you have in mind. I would love to hear from you.

Additional information

Dimensions 32.4 × 22.9 × 0.5 cm
Original or Print

Original watercolour painting (A4), Print (A4)


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